Festival History

Herbal Holi

In order to suppress the use of chemicals by discouraging it & celebrating safe Holi in a traditional and an innovative way, The Swapna Pati Foundation has taken an initiative of introducing  Herbal Holi. We are proud to admit that, Herbal Holi is being organized in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha since last 5 years. As the name suggests, “Herbal Holi” is a distinctive combination of “Herbs” and “Holi”. Herbal holi is an amalgamation of traditional tactics, brotherhood & joy. It encourages people to use colors created with natural ingredients and a hint of ancient ayurveda.

Rooted In Past

The Swapna Pati Foundation is a NGO, based in Odisha which promotes “giving respectful life to the unprivileged children”. The foundation executes various activities throughout the year like clothing donations to the poor and establishes street plays collaborating with unprivileged children. Herbal Holi is an invention of the foundation promoting safe holi since 6 years with blind & unprivileged children.


The woman behind such good deeds is Swapna Pati, a well known social activist. Swapna Pati was born in a small town named Rourkela, Odisha. She has been honored & felicitated numerous times for her charity. She has achieved several awards like Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award (2009), Gems of Rourkela Award (2009), Kabi Banshidhar Smruti Sansada Award (2010), Best Social Activist Award(2015) & many more.